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Widely regarded as the English-speaking world's leading authority on Nostradamus and his prophecies, Peter Lemesurier has written some ten published books on the seer (including The Nostradamus Encyclopedia), plus others on religion, prophecy, astrology, science and the ancient mysteries, one of them a world bestseller. His books have been translated into some dozen languages. Born in 1936, and a Cambridge MA in Modern and Mediaeval Languages, he has enjoyed a varied experience of life as a church organist (until he changed his religion!), teacher, translator, author and (formerly) jet pilot. He has officially researched and appeared in numerous TV films and radio programmes on Nostradamus, including productions by the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel and UK’s Channel 4. He has also been invited to lecture on the seer in French in the latter's own hometown, as well as at the Higher Institute of Translators and Interpreters in Brussels -- and is the man who discovered that the 'prophet' Nostradamus didn't really believe in the future as we understand the term.

 Here is a list of Peter Lemesurier’s titles to date:


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Title                         Publisher              Rights            

The Endless Tale                       Element                                   Autoreverted
Small narrative booklet exploring the conundrum of multidimensions

The Great Pyramid Decoded    Element/HarperCollins            Available
(sold approx 100,000 worldwide)
Original 1977 blockbuster exploring the idea that the Pyramid contains a prophetic code and message

Decoding the Great Pyramid                                                       
The all-singing, all-dancing, highly illustrated American version of the above

The Armageddon Script           Element                                   Available 
            (sold well over 18,000 up to 1995 – including Book Club, USA, Italy, Netherlands)
Controversial book exploring the role played by biblical prophecy in the Jesus initiative

Beyond All Belief                     Element/Thoth Books             Unknown: autoreverted?
Science tells us nothing about Reality: religion tells us nothing about Reality: so where do we go from here?

The Cosmic Eye                      Findhorn                                 Inactive: so reverted?
Original exploration of New Age philosophy

Gospel of the Stars                  Element                                   Reverted
Poetic exposition of aeonic astrology

The Great Pyramid:
Your Personal Guide  Element                                   Autoreverted
On-site guide and implications for personal psychological development

The Healing of the Gods         Element/Thoth Books             Reverted to author
The stories of the gods as interactive guides to personal therapy

This New Age Business           Findhorn                                 Reverted to author
Critical analysis of millennial initiatives throughout history: not about business!

Nostradamus, the Final
Reckoning …               Piatkus                                     Reverted
Ill-advised attempt to time a variety of prophecies, including Nostradamus’s!

The Nostradamus
Encyclopedia               Godsfield/Hamlyn                  Reverted to author
(sold 62,000 in UK, Japan, Italy and USA)
The original comprehensive survey, now in need of updating

The Essential Nostradamus     Piatkus                                    Reverted
A simple survey

Nostradamus and Beyond       Godsfield                                Inactive
Experimental application of Nostradamus’s Janus technique of historical recapitulation: no more successful than his original!

Nostradamus Beyond 2000/    Godsfield                                Inactive
American republication of the above

The Unknown Nostradamus   O Books                                  Reverted to author
Biography of the seer

Nostradamus: The Illustrated  O Books                                 Still in print
Original French texts, plus verse translations, of the Centuries, illustrated with contemporary woodcuts and modern colour photos, together with prose translations of the Preface and Letter to Henri II. Inspect or order at:
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The New Age Lexicon             O Books                                  Reverted 17/11/09
Spoof guide to typical New Age vocabulary

Nostradamus in the 21st
Century                       Piatkus                                    Out of print
Another version of the following...

Current books

Nostradamus: The Next 50
Years                           Piatkus                                     Active (at least 6 reprints)
Daring attempt to interpret Nostradamus for our times, incorporating a possibly imminent Muslim invasion of Europe.
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The Gods Within                     O Books                                  Active (sales improving)
Expanded account of the Greek gods and their messages for us
You can inspect and/or order this title from Barnes & Noble or at:

Nostradamus, Bibliomancer   New Page/Career Press           Newly published 2010
Controversial refutation of popular claims that Nostradamus was a doctor, astrologer and prophet, and explanation of his role as a mere projector of past events and other people’s predictions into the future. Plus a fairly literal (though still comprehensible!) translation of the complete Prophecies.
Includes CD of actual facsjmiles of the original editions. You can inspect and/or order this title at:

2012: It’s Not the End of
the World                     Derwen Publishing                  All rights available
Damning 2010 analysis of the then-current ‘end-of-the-world’ claims
You can inspect and/or order this title at:

Tall Tales of England’s
            Queens and Kings       Derwen Publishing                  All rights available
Rhymed, potted histories of England’s eccentric monarchs for kids of all ages, with cartoons
You can inspect and/or order this title atBarnes & Noble, or at:

NEW!! (now available)
Nostradamus, Prophet of Provence 
                Filament Publishing       
Revolutionary, intensely informative biography of Nostradamus from youth to death in novelized form. Compelling story in highly original format.
You can order this title from all good bookstores, or from:

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Unpublished works

Tall Tales of Ancient
            Queens and Kings       Unpublished                            All available
Sequel to Tall Tales of England’s Queens and Kings (above)

The Shakespeare Plot              Unpublished                     All available
Who wrote the Shakespeare canon? Could it have been an Elizabethan writers’ school headed by the Earl of Oxford?

(see details) 

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The Sound of Silence               Unpublished                            All available
Poetic ‘seed thoughts for meditation’

Tales Untold                            Unpublished                            All available
‘Sufi’-type wisdom tales based on a variety of everyday activities such as the game of chess

The Lizardworlds (trilogy)      Unpublished                            All available
Novel(s) about ‘dinosaurs from outer space’

Opus (novel)                            Unpublished                            All available
International cloak-and-dagger thriller about the dire consequences when an ancient manuscript is discovered proving that Shakespeare didn't write Shakespeare, so undermining the entire Shakespeare-publishing industry

The Holy Babble                     Unpublished                        All available
A seriously tongue-in-cheek exploration of what the Bible really says

Heresies (common
misapprehensions)      Unpublished                            All available
The serious counterpart of ‘QI’?

PLAY IT! (21st Century CD Piano Tutor)  Unpublished                            All available
Self-contained CD course involving no scales, few exercises and direct access to the classics with the help of any reasonably competent pianist or keyboard player: busking and playing by ear encouraged

The Crunch & the Riddle of the Sphinx     Unpublished                            All available
Expanded spinoff from The Great Pyramid, Your Personal Guide (above)

Pardon My French!                          Unpublished                            All available
Comprehensive repertoire of tried and tested audiovisual and audiolingual drills designed to teach all the basic structures of French -- and much basic vocabulary too -- in the most efficient and painless way possible. The essential supplement to any general teaching course.

(see details) 

National Service Pilot                                                     Unpublished                  All available     
RAF memoirs, illustrated 
(see full text) 

Towards Armageddon                                          Unpublished                            All available
How Nostradamus predicted the future and the imminent Islamic invasion of the West: a complete illustrated presentation explaining what the Koran really says, culminating with an analysis of the current jihadist threat and comprehensive recommendations for countering it. An important and highly topical book.

The New Nostradamus Encyclopedia                Unpublished                            All available
Complete update of the original Encylopedia, including Modern Myths and Misconceptions, Nostradamus's correspondence and a CD containing facsimiles of the original texts.




Through Music to the Self       Element                                   With Chrysalis/Anova

Zen in the Art of the Tea
Ceremony                    Element                                   Defunct?

The Healing Power of Illness  Element                                   Defunct?

Harmony is the Healer            Element                                   With Chrysalis/Anova

Saga of the Giants                   Unpublished                          All available
A new English translation of Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel

The Wonderful book of Medieval Prophecies     Unpublished            All available 
Translation of the ancient  Mirabilis liber, including the complete Vaticinia de summis pontificibus (better known as the 'Lost Book of Nostradamus'). For full text see here .

Foreign rights include USA (Berkley, St Martin’s, HarperCollins/Element), Germany (Bauer, Ekon), Greece, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand and Japan.

                   Available blogs (clickable) include:

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Nostradamus: The Facts

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Fabrications by popular English-language commentators:

The definitive Nostradamus anti-novel (the latest -- perhaps the only -- full biography):

Nostradamus FAQs:

Peter Lemesurier's media appearances to date include:

Sky News UK (interview) (1995?)

Channel 4 UK (official researcher and participant in film The Real Nostradamus)

History Channel (two films, one of them The Lost Book of Nostradamus, on which he was employed, but largely ignored, as consultant)

Discovery Channel (two films: Nostradamus: a Skeptical Inquiry of 2002 and Mentorn’s Nostradamus: The Truth of 2006)

National Geographic (two films) (2006 Is It Real? The Nostradamus Effect; and 2009 as part of series The Mystery Files)

Plus radio interviews on BBC 4, BBC World Service, London and local radio, US radio stations (including SETI) etc. etc.

You can listen to Peter talking about Nostradamus on:

 You can watch Peter talking about Nostradamus on: 
Discovery Channel

You can also watch his personal video on Nostradamus here.

See also his general statement on Nostradamus here.

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